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Remove silos and enable access to data

Want a prescription to build an API driven architecture and true "self service" for data, app development and business transformation?

One of the most important - and also most challenging - tasks when delivering a digital transformation project, is to remove data silos and enable access to data and information.

Easy access to relevant and trusted data will enable your business to innovate and invent new ways of working, improve customer services, make more informed decisions or whatever the main reasons behind your transformation initiative might be. If you are not able to remove data silos, related initiatives will stumble and not reach their objectives.

Enabling digitalisation

Enabling digitalisation webinar

In this webinar, our Principal Architect within API & Integration, Benneth Christiansson, will explain how you should think to achieve true self service and how to enable an API driven architecture to give your organisation access to quality assured and relevant information.

A self service approach will further add to your organisations flexibility when it comes to app development and ability to move fast to challenge disruptive competition or embrace new business opportunities.

The webinar will touch every important aspect of a transformation initiative and introduce you to the Digital Ready model to successfully face challenges during your initiative.

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Written by Susannah Eriksson