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Telia Norge (Anypoint Platform Mule ESB)


Telia Norge AS 






Expert consultancy, training and knowledge to build a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as well as architectural advice, product expertise and training on the Anypoint Integration Platform (Mule ESB) from Mulesoft. The integration platform delivers several critical integration flows and have been stable all the way from production start.



  • Advice and delivery of Proof of Concept (PoC) to verify business case and establish foundation to deliver a state-of-the-art integration platform based on a leading product - the Anypoint Platform/Mule ESB from Mulesoft.
  • On premise integration platform to establish service oriented integration architecture.
  • Access to complete environment to provide Telia Norge with required skills and competences in various phases of the project.


The challenge:

Assist customer with establishing a state-of-the-art integration platform to build a service oriented integration architecture and in turn enable the business to respond quickly to changing market requirements. 


The solution:

Anypoint Platform/Mule ESB on premise set up and powered by the expertise and knowledge of Redpill Linpro.


The result:

A modern, flexible platform for integration based on Open Source technology that can be used to integrate various internal and external systems to enable the business and operations of Tele2 to respond quickly to changing market requirements and more efficient internal integrations with systems required for daily operations.  


With the Anypoint Platform from Mule and the expertise of Redpill Linpro we have been able to establish a solid foundation for a modern integration platform that will enable us to quickly respond to requirements for integration from the business. This will help our business as a whole to respond quickly to varying market needs, as we can deliver required integrations with both internal and external sources quickly.

Integration Manager, Telia Norge 

Kirsti Stien

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